ACANA Singles

Limited ingredient doesn’t mean less meat.

ACANA Singles are brimming with 65% whole animal ingredients from a single source, including free-run turkey or duck, Yorkshire pork, grass-fed lamb, or ranch-raised beef. Infused with freeze-dried liver for an extra burst of delicious flavor, ACANA Singles offer your dog complete and balanced nutrition with one animal protein, making them perfect for food sensitivities or choosy eaters.

  • Complete nutrition
    More turkey, less legumes & no peas
  • Digestive health
    Single animal protein source
  • Peak health support
    Taurine and essential Vitamins & minerals


  • Biologically appropriateRich in wholeprey ratios of animal protein
  • + essential nutrientsOur proprietary heart-healthy vitamin pack supports peak functionality
  • Wholesome GrainsRich in fiber and highly nutritious, supporting optimum gut health
  • Legumes, Gluten, or potatoFarm-grown oats help promote stable blood-sugar levels


  • Why did you change the ACANA Singles diets?

  • Will I need to transition?

  • Are these diets for all life stages?

  • Can these diets be fed to a large-breed puppy?

  • Are these available everywhere?

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