Biologically Appropriate корма для кошек


Корма ACANA Regionals отражают богатое наследие нашей земли и разнообразие свежих натуральных продуктов из плодородных долин, богатых прерий и чистых вод Западной Канады.

Regionals Cat

ACANA Regionals reflect our local heritage and express the diversity of fresh foods produced from Kentucky’s fertile farmlands, meadows, Appalachian ranches, and New England’s cold Atlantic waters.

ACANA Regionals will make your cat happy. Read our ingredients and you’ll be happy too.

  • 75% Meat
  • 1/2 Fresh or Raw
  • 5 Fresh Meats
  • Wholeprey Ratios
  • Protein-rich
  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
  • Freeze-dry infused

Nutritious ACANA Regionals are packed with 75% meat and 25% locally grown fruits and vegetables, and guaranteed to keep your cherished cat happy, healthy and strong.